About PIP

Founded in 1993, Process Industry Practices (PIP) is a consortium of owners and engineering construction contractors with the goal of reducing facility installation and operating costs through the development of common process industry best practices.

For more than 25 years, PIP Member Company participants have collaborated to develop and maintain a library of Practices to address relevant business needs for engineering design, procurement, construction, and maintenance. Following a well-documented and collaborative process, these volunteers compare and contrast their experiences to standardize and publish “Best Practices” for Process Industry. 

Today, the PIP Practices number more than 500 and have reached widespread acceptance and use throughout diverse process-related industries and manufacturing markets.

PIP Member Companies benefit from the collective industry knowledge shared by active participants. While the Practices will not entirely eliminate the need for company-specific standards, PIP Members who implement them report saving as much as 70% of the costs typically associated with developing and maintaining internal standards. Utilizing the Practices frees company resources to focus on opportunities that deliver competitive advantages.

PIP is an independently funded nonprofit organization operating under the umbrella of the Construction Industry Institute (CII), an officially recognized research unit of the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. Principal funding is derived from
unrestricted grants by Member Companies and Licensees.