Membership - Access PIP Practices and our Member Network

Membership positions your company and people alongside industry experts who collectively function as a think tank and knowledge pool for process industry engineering.



PIP Membership is open to any company with a vested interest in the quality, safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness of a process facility. 

Active Membership is open to process industry owners and engineering contractors. Active Member Volunteers meet quarterly to exchange knowledge and collaborate to develop PIP Practices. Participating members indicate this networking is almost as valuable as their access to the practices.

Non-active Membership is available to process industry suppliers, vendors, and fabricators, as well as to owner/operators and EPC contractors who choose not to actively participate in practice development.

Discipline Specific Membership allows companies the option to access only defined sets of practices. This type of Non-active membership is cost-effective for projects with a limited scope or for companies wanting to explore the value of PIP in a specific situation.

All Member Company employees can view, email, and print PIP Practices, without user or desk limits. The practices are made accessible though our member website using company-specific login credentials.

Member Companies have unlimited access to the published practices for use at any of their offices or locations, including their subsidiaries and joint ventures. Members may also grant access to contractors or clients who are working on projects at member facilities.

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Collective Wisdom


No one is as smart as all of us. PIP has 1,000 years of combined engineering experience in one place.

Capital Project Savings


Members share the goal of reducing total installed costs of process plants by up to 6% through the implementation of common industry practices.

Lower Costs


Membership affords up to 70% reduction in costs for generating and maintaining internal company standards.